"Sales Manager with over 15 years of experience in Strategic Alliances, Sales and marketing, Business Development, Brand Management, Market Research, Product Launches and promotions, CRM and Team Management in various industries."

Professional Summary

Highly accomplished Sales Manager with an impressive 15-year track record of driving success through Strategic Alliances, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Brand Management, Market Research, Product Launches & Promotions, CRM, and Team Management. Known for consistently surpassing targets and delivering exceptional results across diverse industries.

Currently excelling as the Regional Sales Head at K 12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd., leveraging extensive experience and expertise in strategic planning, market execution, account management, competitor analysis, brand management, and targeted marketing. A forward-thinking planner who proactively identifies opportunities, develops winning strategies, and executes them with precision.

Notable achievements include the development and implementation of strategic media marketing and communications plans, resulting in improved product positioning, enhanced brand management, increased advertising impact, and a greater share of the competitive market.

Recognized for exceptional brand-building skills, adept in all facets of brand communication, and highly effective in driving sales growth while leading and inspiring professional associates. Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities combined with a proven track record of successful team management and organizational prowess

Work experience

Regional Sales Head

K12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd./Oct 2022 - Present

1. Strategic Market Expansion: Spearheaded the development and successful execution of strategic sales plans, driving substantial market share expansion for Eduvate K-8 curriculum across Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, and Delhi. Achieved a 150% increase in regional sales within a year.

2. Relationship Cultivation and Revenue Maximisation: Cultivated robust partnerships with key schools and influential stakeholders, resulting in exceptional up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Pioneered initiatives that contributed to a 250% growth in revenue through strategic collaboration.

3. Integrated Marketing Synergy: Collaborated seamlessly with the marketing team to align promotional strategies with overarching business objectives. Ensured a harmonious blend of sales and marketing efforts, leading to a cohesive approach that maximized brand visibility and recognition.

4. Data-Driven Sales Innovation: Utilised comprehensive market trend analysis and competitor insights to formulate and implement innovative sales approaches. Successfully identified and capitalised on growth prospects, leading to a 150% increase in new customer acquisitions.

5. Dynamic Sales Leadership: Orchestrated a high-performing sales team by overseeing recruitment, training, and professional development. Fostered a culture of collaboration and achievement, resulting in streamlined cross-departmental coordination and consistent over-achievement of sales targets. Managed budgets and reporting with meticulous attention, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring transparency.

Cluster Manager

Indian Insitute of Job Oriented Training

June 2008 - Sep 2010

1. Strategically Enhanced Training Impact: Spearheaded the optimization of training programs, resulting in remarkable skill and knowledge enhancement for participants. Monitored program efficacy and tailored content to drive exceptional learning outcomes.

2. Tailored Training Solutions: Innovatively developed and curated comprehensive training modules, uniquely tailored to diverse target audiences. Successfully aligned training materials with participants' requirements, leading to heightened engagement and performance.

3. Dynamic Marketing Leadership: Orchestrated and executed dynamic marketing campaigns, encompassing cutting-edge digital strategies, impactful social media initiatives, and compelling offline promotions. These efforts generated a substantial surge in foot traffic and converted leads, bolstering the study center's prominence.

4. Strategic Market Insights: Pioneered market research and competitor analyses, unearthing key trends and untapped avenues for program expansion. Leveraged insights to make informed decisions, fueling the center's growth trajectory.

5. Exceeding Profitability Milestones: Consistently surpassed both marketing and business targets, resulting in a robust upswing in center profitability. Translated strategic initiatives into tangible financial success, establishing the center as a thriving enterprise.

Regional Manager

Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. / Oct 2010 - Sep 2022

1. Strategic Brand Management: Successfully orchestrated comprehensive sales and marketing strategies for prominent brands, notably driving the growth of Teach Next (Digital Classroom Solution), Learn Next (Home e-Learning Solution), ERP (School Management System), English Lab, Science Lab, Robotics Lab, and Next Books across K12 schools. Achieved consistent market expansion and heightened brand visibility, contributing to an increase in overall brand equity.

2. B2B Sales Excellence: Drove dynamic B2B sales initiatives for key products such as TeachNext, ERP, Maths Lab, Robotics Lab, and Science Labs. Skillfully employed strategic channel and distributor management techniques, resulting in substantial revenue growth and market penetration.

3. Operational Leadership: Provided astute oversight of a wide spectrum of operational activities, including academic management, training, and technical support. Ensured seamless coordination among departments, guaranteeing optimal customer satisfaction and retention rates.

4. Strategic Team Building: Pioneered recruitment efforts that led to the assembly of a high-performing sales team, contributing to the expansion of the dealer network. Championed team development and collaboration, which facilitated streamlined operations and amplified sales outcomes.

5. Innovative Promotions and Campaigns: Led impactful promotional campaigns for Next Education products, executing targeted marketing plans and events that captured the attention of the K12 school market. Leveraged creative strategies to effectively position and promote the offerings, resulting in heightened customer engagement and increased sales figures.

6. Cross-functional leadership: Successfully managed a diverse team encompassing Area Managers, Business Development Managers, Functional Experts, and Channel Managers. Fostered close collaboration with operations and training departments, facilitating a synergistic approach that optimized sales, customer support, and overall organizational efficiency


Hutchison Essar Telecom Ltd / Nov 2005 - Oct 2006

1. Customer Service Leadership: Oversaw and managed customer service operations for internet services at Hutchison Essar Telecom Ltd., ensuring smooth operations and top-notch service.

2. Enhanced Satisfaction and Loyalty: Implemented effective customer service strategies that exceeded expectations, boosting customer satisfaction and fostering strong loyalty.

3. Prompt Issue Resolution: Skillfully addressed customer inquiries, complaints, and technical problems related to Internet services, maintaining high service standards and swift resolution.

4. Data-Driven Improvement: Analyzed and tracked essential service metrics like response time and issue resolution rate, identifying opportunities for continuous enhancement.

5. Collaborative Excellence: Teamed up with cross-functional units to collaboratively tackle customer-centric challenges, contributing to seamless service delivery and an exceptional customer journey

Business Manager

Aptech Computer Education/ May 2005 - Oct 2005

1. Operational Leadership: Proficiently managed branch operations, optimizing efficiency and enhancing customer experience through strategic management techniques.

2. Strategic Business Growth: Actively engaged potential clients and partners, consistently generating new business opportunities and reinforcing market presence.

3. Market Insights and Tailored Strategies: Conducted comprehensive market research to identify target markets, address customer needs, and develop customized marketing approaches.

4. Multifaceted Marketing Execution: Orchestrated impactful advertising campaigns across print, digital, and social media channels, driving visibility for Aptech's IT training courses.

5. Effective Team Management: Led and guided a team of marketing professionals, fostering a collaborative environment, and delivering constructive performance feedback. Prepared insightful reports for informed management decision-making.

Areas of expertise

Strategic Sales and Market Expansion
Partnership Development and Revenue Growth
Integrated Sales and Marketing
Integrated Sales and Marketing
Leadership and Team Building


2007-2008: Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Management


2006-2007: Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Public Relations


2002-2005: Bachelor of Science (Computer science and Statistics)